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Consciously Curated 



Smart Contract

Fueled By All Our Members

Offering Prime Education

Financial Literacy 

Decentralized Business

Local And World Access 

Resource Network 

Abundance Database

To Uphold 

The Greatest Welfare

Of Humanity 

And Our Mother Earth

Consciously Curated Invite-Only Crowd-Sourced Smart Contract Fueled By All Our Members

Offering Prime Education In Financial Literacy And Decentralized Business

Local And World Access Resource Network Abundance Database 

To Uphold The Greatest Welfare Of Humanity And Our Mother Earth



Have . Everyone . Achieve . Lifestyle .


H.E.A.L. is a consciously curated local and worldwide abundance crowdsourcing wealth emergence. 

An emergence is when individually functioning systems come together working in fluid unison to form something much larger; more harmonious and coherent than just the sum of its parts.

We are all such infinitely incredible and unique individuals, part and parcel of all Creation, here awakening our most beautiful dream of unity in diversity, our greatest excitement, mutual interdependence; bringing heaven to earth as caretakers of the Garden.

Together we have a most unique structure where our partners and members – incredible professionals, masters of their craft and divinely gifted individuals themselves offer products, services, centers, events, travel, education, tools, financial resources and opportunities all on one database we may share all we create, know and have for the greatest welfare of humanity.

By facilitating access to the most incredible cutting edge technologies – elite trading softwares, exclusive opportunities and many more luxury fintech resources, decentralized digital business solutions and master financial educators, we may create and build beyond an abundance of wealth for all our partners and members, using our financial freedom to provide access to clean water, foods, medicines, sustainable housing, essential resources, holistic healing and ancient wisdom – sharing all we need to not only sustain our people and planet, but also thrive in endless harmony with everyone & everything we collectively create and give to Have Everyone Achieve Lifestyle & Help Earth Awaken Love.

Smart Tech

Smart Tech

Autonomous Ecosystem

The Heal ecosystem is built on the smart contract technology that is completely autonomous, which excludes human factor.

Immutable conditions

Blockchain secures the algorithm, therefore nobody, even the authors of the idea, can interfere, cancel, or alter your transactions.

Transparent System

The smart contract code is open, and anyone anytime can observe the entire transaction history. This ensures fair conditions and trustworthy statistics to rely on.

Fully automatic

All transactions between the community members are executed directly from one personal wallet to another. There are no accounts to withdraw from, does not store your funds.

Decentralised Platform

There are no managers or admins at the head, the creators are the same platform participants like everyone else.

100% in the network

No hidden expenses or service fees. The contract balance is always zero.

Safe Tech

Safe Tech


LevelsEntry FeesProfitRef. Bonus
Level 1$50$67.50$25
Level 2$50$135-
Level 3$100$270-
Level 4$250$540$50
Level 5$400$1080-
Level 6$900$2160$100
Level 7$1600$4320-
Level 8$3400$8640$200
Level 9$6400$17280-
Level 10$13200$34560$400
Level 11$26400$69120$800
Level 12$52800$138240$1600
Level 13$105600$276480$3200

Contract Address

Contract Address